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Thread: Soles of my father's feet extremely painful: symptom of his cancer?

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    Soles of my father's feet extremely painful: symptom of his cancer?

    (Apologies for the duplicating this thread in the Pancreatic forum -- it's not yet clear whether my father's cancer metastasised from pancreas to liver, or vice versa).

    Morning All,

    A CT scan late last month revealed the source of severe pain my dad had been suffering for several months -- much to our devastation, dark lesions appear on his pancreas and liver. He's since had his biopsy, and we're waiting for our first oncological consultation on the 17th.

    Amidst the shock and whirlwind of tests, we collectively (including my father) failed to mention to any hospital doctors during the couple of weeks he was retained after the CT scan, that the soles of his feet have become extremely sore. This had been the case since a week or two before the traumatising CT scan, and at this point we have no idea if it is a symptom of his cancer or not.

    The pain is sufficiently intense to discourage him from taking even short walks, and thus only serves to compound his anxiety and depressive thoughts.

    It's possible that this has nothing to do with his cancer, but if it does, would anybody have any experience of this type of symptom, and perhaps a means of alleviating? Any advice, greatly appreciated,

    Best Wishes,

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    From my brother in laws recent cancer.
    It was bowel cancer metastised to his liver so primary is different but liver causes leg and foot complications as we found out.
    He started with a thrombosis on his left knee and then the soles of his feet became very tender.
    I haven't got an any answers to your question apart from what happened to my BIL sounds very familiar to what your father is experiencing.
    My suggestion is pick up the phone and direct your question (not forgetting any symptom) to his doctors and ask their take on it.
    Best of luck to your dad and please keep us posted.
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