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Thread: Cancer- the six letter word that changed my life.

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    Hi 'Sea,

    As an after thought; Are you doing Kaplan prep? If you are; there is a Thai place near there that you should try...Lots of hot Currie sauce will brighten your days and you won't have to explain the tears!


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    Hey guys,

    GBMsibling, did the Indian place make you ill cuz of the food or because you had memories of your sister there?

    Zim, I am glad you found the book interesting. I will try to do what you said, lol most of the places where we laughed would be around food while on a date or on a vacation. I don't even go to that side of town because I know our favorite breakfast place and where we had fun painting and all is. But I guess one day I will walk by the street and see if I can smile at the jokes he would say. lol sweet of you to suggest but no I am not in kaplan, im actually studying from home with a online lecture thing since kaplan would be too out of the budget right now.

    My studying, was something I had put aside for a while and now that I am back at it, it has its own fears of will I get residency and will I pass this and if I don't what do I do because I know nothing else and all but I just take it a day at a time.
    Whenever they talk about GBM it stings like no tomorrow and my thoughts drift but soon they will be moving on and i'll have to keep up so i move on.

    I haven't gone to visit his grave in a while, mostly because I want to go early morning or late evening to avoid the heat but that time I have my lecture or something else happens and I do not want the rest of the family to know when i go because they will all come with me to watch out for me but I like to cry alone. I sometimes feel guilty for not visiting enough as if he would think I forgot him, but it's all silly cuz he doesn't "think" at all.
    I heard a sentence that I think is true for me anyway, " when you lose your spouse,you are never not married for a long time, its just you are married to a dead person". I was thinking that's so true because I still feel married and I still feel in a relationship but really its not the case but it doesn't register when we go about our lives. I never thought about it till I heard that sentence. I think that's actually when it hit me that oh, yeah, I am no longer married.

    anyhow, just random thoughts of the day. hope you all are well. my crazy week starts tomorrow and today I will go study some bio-statistics hoping something sticks. have a great week!
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    Hubby with inoperable brainstem glioma. Dx- 8/30/2016. Finished radiation- 10/28/2016. started temodar 5/20/2017- didn't tolerate it. started avastin 6/24/17. Tumor growth (Glioblastoma) avastin stopped 9/22/2017. Hospice started 9/28/2017. Went to heaven- 3/4/2018

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    I don't know. Either way, I wasn't going back!
    Too bad, too, because they had had a really nice lunch buffet and the nicest staff.
    Good luck with your studying; you've got this...


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