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Thread: i need a general idea.....

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    i need a general idea.....

    my friend was supposedly diagnosis with brain cancer back in june but every time the date comes up for the biopsy it gets postponed. the first time a biopsy was scheduled she said they decided to wait three weeks because she had pneumonia now she said they are postponing it for 6 months because she has a blood clot in her stomach. does this sound normal or is she trying to hide something from me?

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    (Sorry if this reply comes up twice).

    your friend has had some major issues - pneumonia and a blood clot are valid reasons to delay biopsy.

    Perhaps the results weren't good and they have chosen to only update family.

    perhaps they don't feel like dealing with you (your use of supposedly is a red flag) - given the severity of what she has gone through - just be there for her for that - bring chicken soup, offer eto drive her to the shops, clean here place. Just don't make this about you.

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