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Thread: Projects

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    I love to crochet! I remember making some jewelry stuff and sold it at our local flea market.

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    Yes, I can make drum sticks too. Hickory would be best.

    Yes, I have sold a few on Facebook, etsy and at a craft show. Not really needing the money as a source of income I am just holding it back to buy more cool tools.
    Age 53
    Follicular Non-hodgkins lymphoma Stage 2 on 10-28-2011
    Upgraded to Low grade follicular non-hodgkins lymphoma Stage IV on 11-11-11.
    Cancer in lymph nodes found in neck, back of abdomen, between both lungs and cancer cells found in bone marrow test.
    Prescribed Treanda and Rituxan, 4 months. To start 11-28-2011.
    Remission 2-17-2012
    Rituxan treatments start 4-25-2012, once every two months for two years
    Learning as I go.


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