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Thread: my mom just got dignosed with bile duct cancer

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    my mom just got dignosed with bile duct cancer

    my mom was recently dignosed with bile duct cancer and they told us that western medicine could not help her. so if any one knows of any treatment that are less than ordinary we are all open to new treatment and ideas. or if any one knows how this feel feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]) it would be nice to hear from someone else who knows what our family is going through. or if any one just has any info about what bile duct cancer is that would be great.

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    I was diagnosed with "bile duct cancer" (cholangeocarcinoma) in September, was sent to UAB University Hospital in October for a Whipple Procedure (basically a removal of not just that bile duct but the head of the pancreas, top foot or so of the small intestine, part of the stomach, gall bladder, and some related parts and pieces) and now am currently finishing up a simultaneous radiation and chemotherapy series (using Xeloda, which is apparently experimental for this application). The pathologist seems reasonably confident that they got it all out, and that long term remission is likely.

    My point is this: bile duct cancer can and must be treated fairly quickly, as it can rapidly spread into pancreatic cancer, which is frequently fatal. I can honestly recommend both my surgeon (Dr. Selwyn Vickers) and the University of Alabama Hospital as being experts in this area. For having been deathly ill six months ago, I am amazed at how well things have gone.

    Please, do not give up on this as untreatable. And whatever you do, get it treated quickly. This is very aggressive cancer.

    Best wishes for her speedy recovery.

    whipple procedure, Oct. 21, 2004
    28 days of radiation
    56 days of Chemo using Xeloda
    diagnosed as progressive recurrent pancreatic adenocarcinoma (Stage IV) Jun. 20, 2006
    was treated with gemcitabine, oxaliplatin, and tarceva, which all failed.
    Cancer blog: http://diehlmartin.com/cancer.html

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    thanks for the encourageing words and thoughts. i have noticed that in all of my researching i have only for two of three success stories. Your story really means alot to my mother and my family. we will look into your surgeon and the hospital you went to i hope that they have some more encourageing news for us. Once again thank you.

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    Hello There,

    If you feel a lack of confidence in your healthcare team check with another. Freeio gave you something to research , you do not need to leave your team to seek a second opinion. All of you remember to take time to take care of yourselves emotionally. Seek an evaluation if anyone thinks that depression is setting in. You all do not need another concern.

    My Very Best,

    Pat DeVita-Vessa, MFT

    This is a dislaimer that this is not medical advice only information to help you

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    i just wanted to thank you all

    i just wanted to thank all of you for your support, kind words, and youradvice. unfortunately my mother pased away this week. i hope that you never lose hope in any of your battles and stay strong till the very end. if any one ever needs any one to talk to threw these difficult time i am only and e-mail away. "[email protected]"


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