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Thread: What do I do?

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    What do I do?

    Hi all,

    I went to my GP with a lump on my ear and he said he would not treat it because it was a little advanced and referred me onto a Skin Cancer Specialist which was a little concerning.

    Went for the appointment today and it was an aging specialist who said he wanted to take a sample and send it for pathology.

    In the past, my GP has simply cut out the offending part and then sent it for Pathology.

    This specialist wants to take out half of it and send it for testing.....

    Is this normal?

    What worries me is his age and the way he explained the need to do this 50% procedure - He said it is like walking a Small Dog on a Great Dane Dog lead... If he does not find out exactly what it is, he does not know what to do.......

    Is this right?

    I would have thought to cut it out and then check with Pathology to make sure you got it all.......

    Should I put my trust in this guy and go for double appointments and cuttings?

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    I am not entirely sure either. My experience has been similar to yours, though, outside my melanoma diagnosis which wasn't handled by a dermatologist, my experience with dermatologists is only with very small lesions (less than or equal to the size of a pencil eraser). In your case, it is possible the dermatologist is not sure if he is the one to do the surgery, or, if the lesion does turn out to be cancerous, he would need to refer you to an ENT specialist or oncologist. If he is suspicious of skin cancer, it may be that he is concerned that the ENT or oncologist would have preferred to biopsy or remove the lesion themselves. That is not to worry you, but just my best guess at what your dermatologist might be thinking. Others here with more experience might have a better answer.

    With my melanoma diagnosis, my OB-GYN did not do a biopsy but referred me to a GYN oncologist. He said he wasn't sure whether it was melanoma, but he thought the oncologist would prefer to do the biopsy himself in the event that it was.

    At any rate, it could still turn out to be benign, in which case your derm would probably remove the entire lesion. But that is assuming I'm on the right track with my thinking, and I'm not a medical professional so that is just my best guess.

    When in doubt, get a second opinion! Other than cost, it never hurts to get one when something a physician is doing or not doing is just not sitting right with us. As you said, if you are going to put your trust in someone, you should feel overall confident they know what they are doing.

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    Hi, Paul, and welcome though I am sorry you have reason to be here. For my two skin cancers (one BCC, one SCC), in both cases, my GP removed a portion of the lesion and sent it to pathology for analysis.It sounds to me that this is exactly what the dermatologist is proposing. When the path came back positive, I was referred to another dermatologist who specializes in Mohs microsurgery. In this procedure, which is done in office, the doctor excises the lesion and immediately prepares slides for examination. The objective is to get the entire lesion out with clear margins which greatly enhances the probability of keeping the cancer localized and minimizing the possibility of it returning.

    One reason he may not have wanted to take the entire growth on the spot may be that, cosmetically, things are more complex given that you are talking about removing a portion of your ear. Mine were behind my right ear and on my left temple so I didn't have that concern.

    One thing that we believe in here is the concept of the squeaky wheel. If you have questions and want thee answers you need to ask for what you want. You then need to become that squeaky wheel until you get the answers you need.

    Good luck to you and may the pathology come back negative for any skin cancer. That would be the best outcome of all.

    Good health,

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    Hi Paul, i agree with the others, if you have any doubts what so ever, always get a second opinion.
    It does seem strange to take half of it to send away when they normally just do a small biopsy. If positive remove the suspect spot with with a safe margin. Ring him ask why he does it that way.
    My GP checks my skin every 6 months then , as he says he doesnt specialize in skin cancer only does my biopsy and then for my skin cancer treatments he sends me onto another GP in the practice who specializes in skin cancer, i have every trust in her now . I should she has had alot of me cut out.
    The first bcc lump i had on my earlobe was 5 years ago, looked like a small pimple that would never fully heal. But it was a aggressive nodular bcc, so they took all my ear lobe to get it all. I am going for core biopsy this friday on a ulcerated lump that too wont heal on the inner rim of the same ear. This is much larger and being on cartlidge its going to hurt. I am dreading the amount of ear that will get cut out concidering its size. But the good thing is it will get cut out and be gone. And i will just have a much smaller ear , but have grown my hair and now you cant even see my ear.
    Keep us postedon how you go, goodluck

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    Well my core biopsy on my ear went well, didnt hurt as much as i was expecting. Though they did have trouble getting it to stop bleeding, even asked if i was on blood thinners. Told them i wasnt . But eventually it slowed enough for a dressing to get me home and change two more times before it clotted enough to stop bleeding. I get the results tomorrow. My gp said he cant remove it if it comes back cancer. He was almost certain no one else in the clinic is qualified to remove it either as it will be cosmetic. I said i bet dr Roz can do it, lol he said he will talk to them all for the best option.
    How did you get on Paul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul J View Post

    This specialist wants to take out half of it and send it for testing.....

    Is this normal?
    Yes, it's common to remove half for biopsy. One reason for that is, believe it or not, the risk of losing the specimen during the process. The other half still attached to you is a backup. This according to my aging dermatologist. Good luck.
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