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Thread: Seeking information about prostate cancer patients with elevated PSA

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    Smile Seeking information about prostate cancer patients with elevated PSA

    Hi all,

    I'm interested in communicating with prostate cancer patients with elevated PSA's and with and without bone mets. Please share stories and journey you have been on from day of diagnosis to where you are today. My goal is to collect as much information as possible on the various treatments (ADT, seeds etc) through the words of the patients and really uncover whether any treatment actually works.

    Thank you

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    Have you started reading the threads in the Pca forum. That would be a start.

    Please avoid send private messages as most members dislike these. if we receive any complaints about annoying private messaging we will have to ban you.

    I may also remind you that our mission is to support people with cancer and it is not to help you with your work so if you get no response from the members do not go looking for it.

    Good luck
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