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Thread: New here...skin cancer

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    New here...skin cancer

    Hello all! I just found out I have a rare type of skin cancer called dermatofibrosarcoma. I had a lump removed and it turned out to be a cancerous tumor. I'm told it's not that bad of a cancer, but I am wondering if anyone else has this same cancer and how it went for them. The Dr's are telling me that they are going to have to go back and do surgery to make sure they get all the cancer out in the area where the tumor was. I'm worried because when you're told you have the big word "cancer" it is scary! Some insight would be appreciated! Thank you!

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    Hi! My husband has been diagnosed and treated for Stage I Melanoma. Not the same type of cancer, but one of the more serious ones. It sounds as if you have a good plan. My husband was diagnosed via biopsy, then returned for a Wide Local Excision (WLE). We were lucky in that the Wide Local Excision did remove all of the cancer, he had clean margins and needs no further treatment beside vigilance and 6 month check ups with his dermatologist. I cannot tell you more about your specific cancer type, but I can reassure you that it is really scary, but as you move through it - you will gain confidence.
    Husband diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma, 2/5
    Stage 1aNOMO
    Wide Local Excision
    Pathology showed clear margins.

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    Thank you for your post! Yes, I'm very scared but thanks for your encouragement! Waiting is the hardest thing to do. I go to the surgeon on October 17th. Did they put your husband asleep when they did his excision??

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    Hi alyog84, wishing you all the best with your treatment , i understand you being scared , our minds dont stop and make us think the worse first. Be strong , ask your dr any question you think of that will help , its the not knowing that does your head in. I had melanoma 12 years ago just before my 40th birthday, i am very lucky and mine melanoma was found by luck. I was at a specialist for a check up with bad gall bladder pains, i was laying on his patients bed, i had my t shirt pulled up and 3/4 pants on. He was feeling around my upper abdomin when he asked how long has that been there, then i feel his fingers on a spot on my inner calf muscle,,,,, i said ah oh the freckle forever , he then said it looked "melanomic" then said he will do a biopsy on it. As i sat it the chair after he said i will need my gall bladder removed but what i may go through with the melanoma will fade in comparrison. I got a call 5 days later , him telling me i had level 2 melanoma and needed to go back in for a WLE, i go back two days later and a wide excision is what they do, 4 inches long and a deep hole, with so much muscle taken out the pain was horrible and took a good 7 weeks before i could walk normal, but all other tests after came back clear and i had 3 monthly checks for ten years and now on six monthly checks. Keep smiling and keep us posted.


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