i would say hopefully they will be ready for complications this time also i am a diabetic so they have to watch for that as as well because if i become to low then i can have a hypo and go into a coma my doctor seems pretty nice at least she is the only one that tells me everything straight forward and then she will ring me when she gets the results back unlike the other one i had who i had to ring them to find out results. as for my kids they keep me very busy lol i have a 15 yr old boy that has to be driven to work everyday then i have a 10yr old girl who has to go to singing lessons twice a week and then on top of that i have a almost 3yr old beautiful boy that just this year has been diagnosed with level 2 autism so far i hate this year it sucks! wow i am so glad that everything came back negative thats great news i really hope your next tests come back negative i have everything crossed for you i really appreciate having someone to talk to about this my other half doesnt really like to talk about it out of sight out of mind hugs tegan