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Thread: Financial help for those seeking treatment

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    Financial help for those seeking treatment

    The following post was from Kali,

    The information deserves its own thread.

    Thank You KALI.

    There are several steps that you can take to seek financial assistance for cancer healthcare. First you should contact your hospital or cancer clinic and ask for a medical social worker. A medical social worker can help pinpoint funding for you. If that is not a possibility, than contact the local American Cancer Society for assistance:

    ACS: Financial and Legal Matters

    Medical Insurance and Financial Assistance for the Cancer Patient

    You should also be aware that there are over 300 hospitals located in the US that were built with federal funding. These facilities are obligated to offer free or low cost healthcare to those unable to pay. The program is called Hill Burton:

    Hill-Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care

    List of Hill-Burton facilities by state:

    And, finally, if you are still having problems try to contact CancerCare which offers free online counseling for problems like this:

    Cancer Care

    There are other federal and state programs that people without insurance may be able to utilize (such as Medicare - http://www.medicare.gov/ )

    Good luck! and hang in there. Even when you have insurance it isn't easy!!

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    Thanks or this info.
    Richard Day Gore
    Richard Day Gore


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