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Thread: Leg Melanoma

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    Leg Melanoma

    I'm new here, first post. I had a shave biopsy that came back Atypical Melanoma about a week ago. I've never had any kind of cancer before. The tumor just looked like a blister so I didn't think it was urgent to see Dermatology but found it was. The report indicated that it is at least 1.2 mm deep, Mitotic rate 2, with the rest unidentified until I have it removed.

    Of course I'm totally panicked about this without anyone to talk to about it so I'm glad I found this forum. Dermatology sent in an urgent referral for a consultation with surgical oncology which was approved by insurance in one day. However,due to the Thanksgiving Holiday I was not given an app't date. I sweated this out all during the long weekend as I wanted to go in today and be seen. My Dermatologist even contacted the Director of Surgical Oncology on Wed before Thanksgiving but no app't. So I got up early and called the new patient referral line, spoke with triage nurse, and to Administration of the Cancer Ctr,and finally I got a call for an app't for next Monday.(It's a University Hospital and they only do new patient consults on Mondays.) But still missed an app't for today.

    The tumor appeared and grew really, really fast, like within about 4 weeks so I'm really worried that if I don't get it taken out asap, it will spread. For the shave biopsy the doctor took off 6mm that was on top of my skin, and scraped another 6.5 mm below. I guess that's how they got the 1.2mm.

    Does anyone know if the portion of the tumor that was removed during the biopsy would help slow the growth?
    The Dermatologist gave me instructions to apply vaseline to the biopsy wound about the size of a dime and 6.5 mm deep and keep it covered. I'm not sure why because it got infected with probably Staph, tested last week. I'm putting on Mupirocin Ointment and oral antibiotics are being ordered because it's still so red.

    It's the most awful feeling not being able to find out how bad this is until getting a consult, and having surgery. Thanks for listening.

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    Hi Pua

    Just wanted to welcome you to the forum and say that I hope your appointment went well. Did you find out whether the portion removed would help to slow growth?

    Hang in there, and be strong! There are a lot of us out here battling this, and you are not alone. Good luck to you!

    Vulvar mucosal melanoma, superficial spreading type, stage I-II, depth 1 mm with regression
    Radical right-sided hemivulvectomy, clitorectomy and bilateral sentinel lymph node biopsies, May 2013, lymph nodes clear
    PET CT, NED, July 2013
    Partial left hemivulvectomy/reconstructive surgery Oct 2013, found melanoma in situ on pathology, out to margins
    November/January - Underwent 9 vulvar biopsies to try to locate the MIS for surgical excision, unsuccessful
    May 2014 - Third vulvectomy/second left hemivulvectomy for wide local excision of MIS, MIS not identified on pathology
    PET CT, still NED, June 2015
    PET CT, NED, June 2016
    No sign of recurrence, January 2019


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