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Thread: PSA of 17

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    PSA of 17

    My Dad who is 62 has just had his first PSA test and it has come back as 17 . His GP than performed an examination and found no enlargement, abnormality or the like. He has been referred for a biopsy but we are not sure what to make of all of this. Is 17 extremely high? Obviously it is well above normal, but is it possible to have a level this high and not have cancer?

    Also is there a correlation between gout and elevated PSA?

    Any advice/experiences much appreciated.

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    PSA of 17 is high but not extremelely high. It is possible to have a PSA this high and not have PC as many things including infection can cause a PSA this high.

    Options are:
    consider and treat infection or inflamation,
    have further PSA tests to check the reading and trend,
    have a "free PSA" test (which gives a better indication of PC probability),
    have a biopsy.

    There is no direct reletionship between gout, elevated PSA or PC.

    A personal opinion is that lifestyle, diet and supplements can make a great impact on gout. That could also be the case with PC, although it's difficult to prove a direct correlation.


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    Thomasclan, I totally agree with John. A PSA of 17 is above what is usually considered "high" but is by far not the highs I have heard about! Check out the following thread for a much fuller discussion about this very issue:

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