I'd like to share my story in search of others with sinus cancer. Almost 2 years ago I experienced a flapping sound in my right nostril when blowing my nose. Never thinking anything about it but always developed a cold and sinus infections which were treated with meds to get rid of infection. My other symptoms were red eyes , watery tearing eye in the right side all day! My makeup would be ruined by noon from my eye always tearing up running down my cheek. And also a buzzing ringing like heartbeat in my right ear most days .
I went to see an ENT doctor and he determined that I had a nasal polyp , well not only was this thing visible to the eye when tilting my head back , ct scan showed where it was eating away at the bone .
Surgery was nov 17 2016 , outpatient surgery all went well until my post op appointment a week later. I was told that the pathology report came back as a low grade cancer!!! Basel cell, Aneoid cycstic carcinoma .
I'm in total shock, I could not believe what I was hearing ! My ent doctor said no treatments because he removed all of it in surgery and his plan is to start using baking Soda and water rinses up my nose 5 to 6 times a day. I did get a second opinion at the cancer center here which gave me hope due to the cancer being low grade. I'm scheduled for MRI and ct scans with the center next week.
Is there anyone that has been diagnosed with this , did you have treatments, current situation?

Thank you