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Thread: Fighting cancer since 2012

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    Fighting cancer since 2012

    Hi ,

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 .At time she got operated and her left breast was removed and she went through 16 cycles of chemo +herceptin .At that time ER and PR was negative and Her2 was negative. Then she was cancer free.
    And the tragedy struck again in 2015, she got it in lungs and she went tru 12 rounds of napataxil chemo .This time after biopsy noted that she was ER and PR Positive and her2 positive(doctors were surprised of the change) however she wasnt given herceptin and suggested with aromasin estro mesene tablet.
    During this cycle of chemo she got it in L3 and L4 vertebra and she went tru 15 radiations .

    2016 July she had PET scan findings presence in lymph nodes .So she was suggested by doctor to take Evermil tablet (5mg) for a 10days and around 2 weeks for 10mg .The side effect was so severe her heart got enlarged and she had only 30% of her heart working. She stopped evermil tablet and in and out of ICU.
    Now She is on heart medications and got recovered and her heart is 55% working fine.
    Now in December PET scan is showing below findings.Please someone help me to understand what this means and suggest any treatement can be given

    (additional info :She had got chemo port inserted but due to severe infection rate ,it was removed in december 2015 and antibiotics were given)

    1. Mild FDG uptake with soft tissue thickening is noted again in the right upper anterior chest wall at the chemo port site-unchanged since prior study
    2. Previously described FDG avid lymph nodes are noted again in the prevascular ,anterior mediastinum, bilateral hilar and subcarinal regions with interval increase in necrotic changes and size, prevascular node now measuring 19X14mm;Max SUV 16 (previously measured 12 X 12 mm;MAX SUV 15) abutting the arch of the aorta
    3. sclerotic lesions are noted again L3 and L4 vertebra with reduction of the L4 vertebral height and mild soft tissue component with the mild FDG uptake (MAX SUV 5.5) essentially the unchanged since prior study
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    Hello nets and sorry to hear of all your dear Mom has been through over the past several years.

    On the forum, we are just normal everyday folks dealing either with a cancer diagnosis ourselves or are a loved one or caregiver. We are not doctors and be hazard of us to interpret your Mom's findings as we are not doctors.

    Your best course of action at the moment is to sit down with your Mom's oncologist and discuss this findings in terms that you can understand. Based on what the doctors says and explains, ask what treatment options are available or any clinical trials that are ongoing in which she is eligible for.

    I am sorry this all seems to be unraveling again but please do speak with the medical professionals . Keep us posted and let us know how things go.



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