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Thread: Bile duct cancer y90 treatment looking for how long does it take to work

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    Unhappy Bile duct cancer y90 treatment looking for how long does it take to work

    My dad was diagnosed with bile duct cancer for nine months now at first they said they could operate on it and remove the tumor which is on his liver. They opened him up and told us they could not do the surgery because the tumor was on all three major artires on his liver. They did chemo which had no effect on him and know I believe he got something about a month ago called y90 which is a kind of radiation that goes directly to the spot of the tumor. so far it has had no effect and I was wondering if anyone else has done this treatment and how long did it take for it to start working. if anyone could help me with this I would be really thankful.

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    So sorry to hear of your dad's situation and that he has not responded favorably to the various treatments.

    I have no knowledge in regards to your dads specific cancer but i have moved your thread to the liver forum in hopes someone may have the information you are seeking.

    I did however do a quick search on Y90 radiation and noted that scans are done about a month after treatment to see a response.

    Check back here often for responses. The liver forum is not very active but if there are others within the other forums that can provide further information, i am sure they will chime in.



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