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Thread: Mom has stage 4 breast cancer

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    Mom has stage 4 breast cancer

    New to forum, but I am my mom's caretaker and very worried. She has stage 4 breast cancer and bone Mets. Recently she has not been walking well and horrific pain. The oncologist found that her spine is a mess due to arthritis and most of all the cancer in her vertebrae has caused significant damage. Some is pressing on her spinal chord. Can anyone give me hope? I'm dying inside.
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    Hello Ahogan,
    My mother was diagnosed with STAGE 4 breast cancer in October 2011... A few days before my birthday. They told us she had approximately 6 weeks to live. I died immediately INSIDE and didn't want to lift my head. But, We began to pray and believe God for her. They removed her breast. No chemo, no radiation or anything. She kicked cancers BUTT!!! THERE IS HOPE IN CHRIST. KNOW HE CAN MAKE EVERYTHING ALRIGHT!!!


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