Hi all UPDATE:

2nd Laparoscopy was done on the 28th December, recovery has been pretty good.

I got the Cytology report sent to me today in prep for the Dr appt tomorrow. I'm still waiting on a 2nd pathology report.

Now I am confused as hell.

Events of the last 4 weeks:
  • Cytology#1 - Positive for Metastatic Adenocarcinoma - revised to Suspicious rather than positive
  • Dx of: Yes you have it but we don't know where or what - we will organise a 2nd laparoscopy to try & find it
  • 2nd procedure completed - removal of what appeared to be a mesenteric fat lump from mesentery fold & abdominal fluid sent to pathology
  • Cytology #2 - No malignant cells seen...
  • Pathology of lump - TBC

I know my Dr is the best bet for information, I know I can't be given a Dx but I just need advice on what to do now, what tests do I ask for...

I know I should be jumping for joy that the 2nd one has come back clear but I am petrified that they have missed something or that there is now nothing to do but wait and see... Especially as my gyno/onco has told me yes you have it...