Just wondering about everyone's experience about follow up timelines, etc. Does it vary with the certain types of
ovarian cancer, their stages, etc.? Or is there a universal follow up timeline for all ovarian cancer?

In a nutshell, my oncologist told me ultrasounds once a year, blood tests twice a year. Does that sound right?

In my particular case, mine was caught very early, surgery was June 6th. Took out left tube and ovary; no chemo or radiation needed.
Went back to oncologist in July and October for verbal follow ups. Blood test in October. Will get blood test and my first
ultrasound post surgery in late January.

I asked about if I should get a full body scan or MRI of my surgical site. The oncologist said if my cancer were to come back,
it would do so slowly over the course of ten years, so too many scans may do more harm than good. Not to borrow trouble but
I want to stay ahead of this thing without being too over the top.

Any thoughts?