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Thread: Mum rectal cancer

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    Mum rectal cancer

    Hey all,

    After lurking I decided to be part of this forum, my mum was diagnosed with rectal cancer stage III last September. She finished chemoradiation one week before Christmas ( 28 sessions with Xeloda 2500 mg daily from Mon to Fri). After her visit to the onc, he said we need to wait 2 more weeks for scans and see if the tumor has shrunk. The surgeon suggested she can take mote xeloda as maintenance until she gets scanned and then surgery, so the onc prescribed her more xeloda (2000 mg now daily) for these two weeks including weekends. She is worried about nausea, which was an issue when completing her first round. I dont want to put more burden on her but we are also scared during the wait period. What do you think?

    What I have seen is that most of you just had the 28 or 25 sessions of chemorad and nothing else. Is it ok or worthwhile to have this maintenance chemo?

    Thanks in advance.


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    HI Mario,
    Welcome to the site. Lots of good support and info here.
    Aferer my chemo radiation I took nothing. The radiation is going to keep working until surgery and then probibly then some.
    I don't understand why the maintenance chemo. Seems to me the doctors would want to give her a break to gain strength for surgery.
    Good luck to you and Mom
    53 yrs old
    4/30/15 colonoscopy Mass found
    5/21/15 staged 3 C rectal cancer
    7/3/15 finished xeloda and radiation 28 rounds
    9/30/15 LAR
    10/29/15 picc line installed
    11/2/15 start chemo 5 fu Oxaliplatin
    3/7/16 Finish Chemo
    3/16/16 C T scan clear pulmonary embolism blood clots in lungs 2
    3/17/16 start lovenox
    4/29/16 Ileostomy Reversal.
    5/1/16 start warfarin
    7/13/16 colonoscopy clear.
    9/10/16 C T scan clear

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    Hi Mario,

    I would be with Scott H in thinking that it is important is to be strong for the operation. However, more than that, I think that THE most important thing is to have a medical team that you trust and then to do what they advise. By all means query if nausea is a problem but really I think the best idea is to talk to the medical team. After all we are just a bunch of lay people and they are the experts.

    Age 1/2 way to 120 plus 1. Symptom of blood in stools May 2011. Colonoscopy June 2011 confirmed rectal cancer. CT scan June 2011 showed no spread to other organs. Anterior resection July 2011 plus 50% bowel removed due to thickening observed during operation. Biopsy confirmed stage 2 in rectum only. Completed 8 cycles of precautionary capecitabine (4600mg Xeloda). Returned to horse riding 6 weeks post op, jumping after 8 weeks and first competition 10 weeks after operation. July 2012 - CT scan clear. June 2014 - CT scan clear. December 2014 - Colonoscopy clear. July 2017 - 6 year CT scan clear.


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