Mom has pancreatic cancer stage 4 with mets to liver.
Diagnosed end of November 2016. Got her first chemo 20th of December 2016. Folfirinox.

My god what a beast! she was whipped out after they took the box of after the 3rd day. She couldnt keep anything in! Had to stay in the hospital for 4 days ( moms is a tough patient, a know it all and a bit and fisty, not an easy one to treat. )

So had her break, is suppose to go back this thursday, but is still feeling a lot of stomach pains, vomiting, now constipation cause of the pain meds and what not. And has a bladder infection on top of all! She just isnt strong enough yet for a second round. Her oncologist said they will lower intensity of the treatment. But im still worried!

Oncologist is kind of negative " nobody really survives this ". We still decided to have her on some additional supplements, and no sugars, and are looking for alternative treatments like hyperthermia next to the Chemo.

But i'm am TERRIFIED of the chemo. Her hair has started falling out already after the first round. She lost a lot of weight about 6 kg in a month. Is constantly struggling with her stomach or colon area.

I wanted to write so much more, but i honestly forgot what else to add.