Hi. I wish I wasn't posting here, but... as way of introduction, I'm an American living near Paris (for many years), mom to 2 daughters ( almost 20 and 18 ).

I am coming up on my 3year (next week) anniversary of distal pancreatectomy to remove a large (11cm) mucinous cyst discovered by chance. The cyst included a 3mm adenocarcinoma tumor, and was considered borderline stage 1. I did 6 months of gemzar chemo after surgery as added insurance.

Well, a bit before the holidays, I started feeling odd intermittant pressure in my pelvis (like menstrual cramps, but at 55 I'm fully menopaused, plus no bleeding or unusual discharge). I ended up going to see my GYN, who did an ultrasound and sent me for an MRI on Friday. I have a 10cm cyst which looks suspiciously like the one I had on my pancreas. I see my oncologist Wednesday morning (he's squeezing me in between 2 patients), and he said I shouldn't be too worried, but will need surgery quickly...

For info, I got my markers back this morning - CA125 at 47 , CEA normal at 0.6 , CA 19-9 up to 137. Needless to say I'm not a happy camper.

Anyway, I'll be back when I have more info, but I just wanted to introduce myself. Any words of wisdom would be welcome!

Thanks, Debbie