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Thread: Hysterectomy at age 93

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    Hysterectomy at age 93


    We are currently having trouble deciding whether my 93-year-old Granny should go ahead with a Hysterectomy. We are waiting on her doctor to have an interdisciplinary meeting to discuss the best course of action. She initially suggested we go ahead but did state that she hadn't performed this surgery on a woman of her age before.

    My mum and I thought it might be helpful to try and get some insight from others who may have been in the same situation. Has anyone else had experience like this? I understand no one can make the decision for us, but my Granny is really relying on my Mum's input. I don't expect anyone to push us either way but would really appreciate any advice or shared experiences.

    My granny was always in great health and only started slowing down in her 80's. We have already been discussing moving into a home before this diagnosis. We are just worried that she will never fully recover from the surgery, and itís so hard to compare that to doing nothing, having already agreed that she is not strong enough for chemo.

    I would really appreciate any help at all,

    Thank you for reading.

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    Hello Sparklejars and sorry to hear of your grandmothers diagnosis. While I do not have specific knowledge related to Cervical Cancer, I do have knowledge when it comes to surgery with an elderly loved one.

    There are some things that should be considered. How is her health overall, what is her quality life at the moment and what are the complications of surgery with someone of her advanced age. Surgery, the older we get, the longer it takes to recover and risks increase.

    I can only imagine how difficult of a situation this is. The reality is, she is 93 and by no means should she not have the respect and upmost medical care but it becomes a quality of life issue.

    Good luck to all of you and sending hugs and prayers to all of you.


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    Thanks for the advice Lisa, I really appreciate the quick and considerate reply. I will make sure that we get the details of possible complications from the doctor before make any decision.
    It's really comforting to now that I have somewhere to ask these questions.

    thanks again

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    Your welcome Sparklejars and do let us know how it goes and what is decided.


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    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10094894 Management of ovarian cancer in patients older than 80 years of Age.

    There are alternatives to hysterectomy if cancer has not spread beyond the cervix
    Radical trachelectomy is surgery to remove the cervix that leaves the uterus intact with pelvic lymph node dissection. It may be used for young patients who want to preserve their fertility. This procedure has gained acceptance as an alternative to a hysterectomy for some patients.

    The different treatment options are outlined here http://www.cancer.net/cancer-types/c...atment-options
    66y female, dx @43 in 1992 - DLBCL (aggressive lymphoma) CHOP x 6, rads x 20. 2007- Follicular Lymphoma (FL) grade1-2, stage 2, rads x 20. 2013 relapsed FL, grade 1-2, stage 4. R-bendamustine x 6. Finished Jan 2015. Rituxan maintenance till 2017. 11/2014 bladder cancer, surgery end of Jan 2015.


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