My story begins like many others on this forum. My father was sick for three to four months leading up to his diagnosis. During this period we ( my mother, my uncle and I) begged him to see the doctor to no avail. Suddenly, one night the pain in his liver became unbearable when we rushed him to hospital. What followed was a parade of doctors, specialist and tests that lead to him being diagnosed with HCC.
Obviously being his daughter, he hasn't shared any further information of his cancer with me. Everything I know about his conditions, I've either read from the medical reports from all the different doctors or from observations. I just ask for any advice you may have or if you can validate anything here.

From what my mother has told me, the tumour has covered up to 80% of his liver, so a transplant is out of the question. He is due to have the SIRT Procedure in three weeks.
Will this procedure increase expectancy? or quality of life?

He started Nexavar a week ago, only taking one tablet a day. Today he's increased his dosage to 2 tablets in the morning and it will be increased further to two tablets in the morning and two at night, beginning next week.
He is frequently fatigued and dealing with tingling in his fingers and feet.
I have also noticed jaundice in the skin around his ears and ears
Should we be contacting the doctors about these symptoms or are they common?

What can I do to help my dad cope?

In all honesty I am terrified for my dad. Any help will greatly suffice! xx