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Thread: Mid-20s Male Diagnosed with Stage 1A DLBCL and Terrified

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    Hi Spursfan, Congrats !! What wonderful news ! I can't really answer your question about the radiation, but I know it is normal to worry about these things after treatment. I just hope you can put that worry aside and get back to your normal life. Best wishes.

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    Spursfan, My husband had DLBCL treated with 5 1/2 RCHOP chemo treatments. He was suppose to have six but he had been to ill to receive to receive the 6th one. Well now nearly 4 years later he is 78 yr old and still living his life. It takes time before you learn to breath easy again after treatment. Eventually it will seem like a dream that happened long ago. I am so happy that you have had the quick great results.
    My husband has Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) The 7cm tumor is located in the Pancreas with two enlarged lymph nodes. Stage II. He is 74 yr old but in good general health. He is currently undergoing R-Chop Chemo. Vincristine had to be dropped because of neuropathy causing drop foot. Vincristine reintroduced a 50% foot drop gone. CT scan after Chemo 3 shows impressive results. Developed pneumonia after chemo 5. Had chemo 6 a 50% dosage . Final chemo Sept 2013. Remission declared Oct. 2013 then a suspicious area reassessed in Feb.2014. Stable with no growth Dr feels it is scar tissue.


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