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Thread: Need testimonies, hope and good vibes

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    Unhappy Need testimonies, hope and good vibes

    Hi everyone,

    This post is not about me but about my grandma, who I'm very close with. She's 78 and recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer. She went in for a CT scan because she'd been complaining of a sore hip for ages. The doctor referred her to an OB-GYN because he thought he saw something weird in her uterus. Long story short: one vaginal ultrasound and a biopsy later, endometrial cancer was confirmed.

    We still don't know what her stage is. Her doctor said her CT scans and Xrays appeared normal. They're performing the histerectomy + removal of lymph nodes for testing in two days (after weeks and weeks of waiting for a surgeon available).

    She had no symptoms other than her hip pain, which doctors aren't sure is related to her cancer. No vaginal bleeding, no weight loss, no abdominal cramps... She was as healthy as a person her age can be.

    I would like to hear from other women who have been through this. Grandma's 100% convinced she's going to die...

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    Sorry to hear of your grandmothers diagnosis and while I do not have knowledge regarding this type of cancer, some others might so check back often for updates.

    Hoping surgery goes smoothly and your grandmother will recovery quickly without and further concerns.


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    Encourage your grandmother to have trust in her medical team. Until the hysterectomy has been performed and the lymph nodes have been biopsied, there is no way to safely predict your grandmother's medical future. There has been a lot of research on endometrial cancer, and post-surgery outcomes. Once your grandmother's medical team has all of the data in hand, they will be able to tell your grandmother what her options are. I know it is tough to wait for those results.

    Wishing you all the best!
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    Sending you positive vibes for you and your grandma.
    I understand the uncertainty and doubts cause I have been in her shoe last year when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer at Stage 2 Grade 3 at the age of 36. I had radical total hysterectomy, 25 radiations, 2 brachytherapy, 5 lower dose of chemo and 3 stronger dose of chemo (sorry I cant remember the name of the chemo I took) Just try to be there for your Grandma and have faith in all the medical teams. I know it's hard to watch and not to anything for your loved one when they are going through a life changing crisis. Just be strong for her.


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