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Thread: Fredlh

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    Hi Fred,

    I did have fatigue for sure. I went back and read the notes I made during the treatment. I seem to forget lots. Anyway, there was fatigue. I do recall that. I spent a considerable amount of time on the couch, didn't sleep very well, the pump didn't help any.

    I do recall that when I would have to "rally" cause of a phone call or a visitor, the fatigue seemed to take a back seat. Then when the call was over or the person(s) left, I was back on the couch.

    I did try to walk during these days (it was a 12 week treatment, six infusions every two weeks) at a local mall. It was not an easy proposition as I had to get five miles or so, via car, to the mall and walk... maybe only one lap... but I do recall I was able to do it. Again, as I did that, I felt less tired... but then ended up back on the couch. One other observation I recall from the fatigue, sleep didn't help. I could doze off and wake up and feel much the same as I did. I do recall saying to Peggy at one point, I am just tired of feeling so poorly for so long.

    Not sure this is very helpful. There was lots of diarrhea during this time. I took Imodium and two of those seemed to slow things down.

    Hang in there... life improves.


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    Hi Fred, just thinking good thoughts for you!

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    So, Fred, what's happening in your world? Anything happening or just tired?? I'm vacationing with my son and daughters families in FL this week... Great times these!

    Just checking in with you.
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