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Thread: "Desperately" Seeking Primary Bone Lymphoma Mates!

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    Hello IFOAL,

    Good to read that you are doing well and have resumed living as before treatment.

    It is always encouraging, when setting foot on cancer territory, to find that it is not "the end of life as you knew it", and it is a good thing for newcomers like Phyla to find as many positive testimonies to that effect as possible - so thank you for that!

    Beyond the common aspects of our disease, Scubamom and I both share a peculiar presentation, which is Primary Bone Lymphoma - and it is assumed, at this point, that Phyla also belongs in this subset. Fingers crossed, as for us, her third bone biopsy will be the last.


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    Hi all, sounds like everyone continues to progress along nicely. To answer your questions regarding treatment I am having nothing at the moment. Not even over the counter pain killers, completely meds free with no pain. The docs are a bit perplexed as to why that is the case, I'm really holding out hope this is going to be some sort of random immune inflammatory response and they got the second biopsy wrong.

    Last weeks biopsy did not go ahead at all, they didnt even bother putting me into ct as the changes on ct are very subtle. The intention was to use the MRI as guidance for the biopsy but the images were nearly 3 months old due to the duration this process is taking. New images done last week so biopsy tomorrow. Results should be in on Friday if all goes well. Fingers crossed. Hope you all continue to go from strength to strength.

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    Hi Phyla,

    Thanks for your news. Waxing and waning (and spontaneous remission) can occur in 20% of FL cases, so, who knows? perhaps the vanishing of your symptoms could be ascribed to that phenomenon…

    I hope tomorrow's biopsy completely answers that mystery, and you can move forward after that.

    Do keep us posted.



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