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Thread: Please consider this my formal application to join the 'Zero Club'.

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    Woo-hoo!! Now that's something to celebrate!

    Congratulations & wishing you many more to come!
    Wife posting for spouse - 49, age at dx 48
    06/2016: PSA 6.48
    07/2016: PSA 7.22 FPSA 10% 12 Core Biopsy Negative
    10/2016: PSA 6.30 FPSA 13%
    12/2016: MRI W/COIL PI-RADS 5 with Probable EPE, Bones/LN Clear
    12/2016: Biopsy Two cores 3+4 and Seven cores 3+3
    02/2017: RP at University of Chicago Pathology 3+4 Grade 4 component is 5%
    Prostate: 32.7 gm Tumor Volume Estimate: 35%
    No EPE or lymphovascular invasion 13 lymph nodes, Seminal vesicles, vasa deferentia, no tumor present
    High grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, Perineural Invasion: Present
    Tumor involves proximal basilar margin of 2.0 mm Gleason at margin is 3 pT2c,N0,MX,R1
    04/2017: 6 Week PSA <0.01
    05/2017: 3 Month uPSA <0.006
    8/2017: 6 Month uPSA <0.006
    100% Dry

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    Seven month PSA results still holding at <0.01.

    Doc gave me some sample drugs to try for the incontinence issue. Also getting a referral to physical therapy. This ought to be exciting.
    Age at Dx 57, History: Father, Uncles, both Grandfathers
    PSA: Apr/16=5.1, Jul/16=4.7, Aug/16=5.13
    Oct/16 Biopsy: Adenocarcinoma, 1 Gleason 4+3=7 with PNI, 3 other Gleason 3+3=6 cores.
    Jan/17 DaVinci; Pathology: pT2c; Gleason 4+3=7; Weight: 42g; Both nerve bundles spared
    ED seems to have returned to pre-surgery status.
    Still fully incontinent.

    Post PSA results: Mar/17=PSA <0.01, Jul/17=PSA <0.01

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    That's GREAT News MRJ! Keep the <0.01 results flowing!


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    Great news and congrats... I hope to be able to join you someday.
    65 year old in what I thought was good health
    Gen office 3/25/16 psa 11.5 referred to urologist.
    6/21/16 urologist visit schedule biopsy for 7/6/16
    2 of 12 samples showed positive GS 4+4. and 4+3
    MRI showed no mets, scheduled for surgery, went to MD Anderson for 2nd opinion. Using same MRI they concluded one small spot on lower back.
    Biopsy showed positive.
    Started lupron on 9 /13/16 psa 62.4
    12/13/16 3 month check up Psa 4.8
    2/13/17 bone scan clear but proven met at L3 no longer shows up.
    2/13/17 MRI with endorectal coil shows both lesions have shrunk.
    2/13/17 psa 4.1
    RALP April 11 2017. MD Anderson Dr. Chapin
    6/7/17 six week post op check up PSA 0.5
    8 weeks post op completely dry
    9/7/17 PSA 0.2


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