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Thread: Daughter just diagnosed!

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    Daughter just diagnosed!

    My 38 year old daughter of three little boys just diagnosed with 4+ cm mass in left breast. Awaiting last test to see if she is triple negative. So far two negative. No family history other than one great aunt. I am just drained.
    11-18-14 biospy shows cancer gleason 7 or 8 surgery 1/8/15
    11-11-14 Husband had biopsy psa 7.4 dre hard on one side

    9-18-13 Now my sister colon cancer
    9-18-13 surgery for tumor removal
    9-18-13 ICU aspirated bilateral pneumonia
    9-27-13 surgery for leakage, colostomy
    10-16-13 port put in
    11-5-13 scheduled for a pet scan
    11-11-13 PET scan "CLEAR" started 5-FU
    3-12-14 finished Chemo
    12-12-14 So far doing great!

    10-26-11 Mom 72 diagnosed stage 4b rectal cancer
    11-19-11 5FU chemo and radiation
    12-27-11 hospitalized with blood clot in the lung
    1-12 total colostomy and vaginal floor reconstruction 23 of 23 lymph nodes cancerous
    3-15 started folfox & oxyplatin
    5-12 blood transfusion
    8-29-12 pet showed no colon cancer but 3 medialstinal nodes cancerous
    10-16-12 started camptosar and erbitux
    12-3-12 back on chemo, no chemo working
    2-4-13 begins radiation for nodes in chest
    3-25-13- ICU for radiation neumoititus
    4-10-13 Mom took the hinges off the Pearly Gates

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    I am deeply sorry to hear that once again, another family member, your daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. I remember slightly that you lost both your parents to cancer and your sister was diagnosed? I also see you are a current member with the prostate forum. My heart goes out to you. How much can one person stand?

    As you know, our members are extremely knowledgeable and supportive. However, with that said, our Breast Cancer forum is not very busy. There are several other forums specific to Breast Cancer which may help in answering your questions and/or concerns. There may be some that can chime in here but I thought it respectful as a long-standing member, you receive a response to your newly created thread.

    Keep strong even when you feel you have nothing left.


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    what were her symptoms? how was she diagnosed? 37 mom of 3 little girls and going for a mammogram on Saturday.
    My Dad is 69 years old currently (10/1/47)
    Urinary retention prompted ER visit which resulted in a urology visit:
    PSA 144
    Gleason 3 + 4 = 7 (Grade Group 2)
    ALL core tissues positive for cancer; volume 60 - 90%
    Prostatic Adenocarcinoma
    Prostate size 4.2 X 5.3 X 6.9
    Bone Scan Clear
    MRI Clear
    Started Firmagon Hormone Treatment in July 2017
    PSA as of August 8: 23.5
    PSA as of August 17: 17.14 (Moffit asked to take it again during consultation)
    PSA as of November 14: 4.25
    DART (external beam) starts on 11/20/2017


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