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Thread: Lymphoma or not Lymphoma

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    Lymphoma or not Lymphoma

    I am 32 years old Female, mother of a beautiful 5 year old.
    About 2 years ago after a bad case of strep throat, I found an enlarged lymph node in the sub mandibular area right side. I thought it was there bc of the infection and didn't think of it for about 6 months. After these 6 months I notice couple other enlarged nodes on the other side of my neck, one in the left sub mandibular area and another on the cervical area, both small but noticeable when touched. All node are moveable and tender to the touch. I had a a CT scan, it showed few enlarged nodes, only my big one the one that I found 1st was exactly 2cm, and the other sub mandibular one about 1.5 cm . Doctor scheduled me for Fine Needle which came negative. Had another scan 9 months later after the fine needle, showed that the node have slightly grew but very insignificant growth.

    After all this I STOP worrying and and continue living my life. I has been 2 years now, and I have been feeling stubbing pains on my sub mandibular nodes when my nose gets a little runny or if I have some cough. Also, I feel that both of them have gotten bigger. I also have frequent stomach cramps and indigestion, and feeling very tired. No other symptoms.

    I am very scared and I don't know if I should have my big one removed, or should go for another needle biopsy or what to do. I really do not wanna have it remove for fear to Lymphedema. Any insights will be highly appreciated, THANKS!

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    Hi Milagro,

    CT scans and fine needle biopsy are not definitive, but I am assuming they didn't see other reasons to check further back then. However, with the added symptoms you are now describing, it would be best for you to go get things checked out soon, for your peace of mind if nothing else.
    Please take care, and let us know how it goes with your appointment. - VMarie
    Researcher, advocate, and caregiver to my son, age 24 at diagnosis
    July 2016 Diagnosis ALCL ALK-neg
    Sept 2016 E-CHOP x3; PET scan CR
    Nov 2016 Sixth and final round of E-CHOP completed - Continued to live alone and work two jobs through chemo!
    Dec 2016 PET scan CR
    March 2017 Experiencing symptoms; CT-PET scan shows relapse.
    April 2017 CD-30 confirmed w/ biopsy; Begin Brentuximab to reach CR for Auto transplant
    May 2017 Biopsy came back as Classical Hodgkin's - misdiagnosed initially
    June 2017 Only partial remission with Brent so on to ICE x 2 (worst yet)
    August 2017 Good response, but still PR, moving forward with ASCT. Outpatient at CBCI in Denver.
    October 2017 Clear scan after auto. Begin Brent for maintenance X3
    January 2018 PET-CT shows relapse. Begin Keytruda in Feb
    May 2018 CR after just one dose of Keytruda.
    Scan in August, 2018. ALL CLEAR


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