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Thread: Bad news today!

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    The No more chemo was my moms choice! Dr said it's available but felt she had been through a lot already and felt it probably wouldn't make much of a difference at this point! Pain management is #1 as her wish is to return to her winter home here in Florida for a bit. She has a fracture in her Sacrum which they are going to look at further next week with MRI. Once that is stable with pain management I am flying up to fly back here with her. I woke with fear this morning as maybe it won't really be 6 months due to her condition having no pancreas and struggling everyday with her diabetics. I pray for her not to suffer! I have absolutely no experience in this whatsoever and think I might attend a few hospice support groups. Thanks again for your words! Bless everyone!

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    Thank you for your reply! Yes pain management is #1 for her and our family! I woke with fear this am as I realized also that with all her complications from having her pancreas removed and being as fragile as she is it could be less than 6 months! Our goal is to stabilize her and I will fly up to fly back with her so she can be in her winter home in Florida for a bit. She loves it here and I know it will do her some good. In the meantime I hope to attend a few hospice support groups. I have absolutely no experience with this and want to be as strong as I can for her! We all want to be strong although I have no idea what the end will be like. I pray for peace and no suffering! Thank you again and god bless you all.

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    I am so sorry to hear this news. I agree with all of the previous posters about getting hospice involved for the palliative care at this point. My mother had a lot of pain upon diagnosis and the oxy, morphine, etc. barely helped. The only thing that helped her with the pain was the Fentanyl patch. She was on 75 mcg at the time and eventually weaned off. But we know when the time comes, she will go right back on it as it was so helpful in getting rid of her pain.
    12/30/15 - Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma, panc tumor 4.4cm, liver mets 1-3cm, CA19-9 >204,00, CEA 313
    1/29/16 - Began Folfirinox/PegPH20 clinical trial - lots of side effects, pain finally controlled with Fentanyl patch
    2/6/16 - Folfirinox dosages lowered
    3/16 - Scans - primary tumor shrunk to 2.7cm (from 4.4), liver mets smaller, CA19-9 22,897
    5/16 - Scans - tumor measuring 2.3 cm, liver mets continue to shrink, CA 19-9 505, PegPH20 dosage reduced
    2/17 - Oxyplatin removed from regimen due to neuropathy after 28 rounds, continue with Folfiri and PegPH20
    4/17 - PegPH20 stopped, Trial halted b/c of design flaw. Continue with just Folfiri, stable disease
    10/17 - Biopsy to get tissue to test for new clinical trial. Biopsy negative - no cancer cells found, PET scan ordered
    11/17 - PET scan negative, Treatment halted. CA 19-9 265, CEA 2.5
    1/18 - CT Scan shows stable cystic mass at site of original tumor, no change since last scan, CA 19-9 623, CEA 3.1

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    Thank you! She is currently on a pain patch infact Monday they bumped it up to 2 patches! She has a fracture in her sacrum I believe that is giving her most of the pain and has taken away her mobility. We have no idea how that even happened! Literally the pain began overnight about 2 weeks ago. But we will definitely have hospice help her. Thank you so much! God bless!


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