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Thread: Lipoma or something else

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    Lipoma or something else

    I'm feeling a little paranoid.
    I have 3 bumps on one forearm and one on the other.
    My family doctor referred me for testing - I had an ultrasound and X-rays. It's is suspected they are lipomas but I have been referred to a specialist for further testing .

    I'm sure it's fine. The specialist will decide to do further imaging or biopsy of the bumps - I think I'd prefer a biopsy.

    I'm feeling a little paranoid being my husband first seizure nearly 2 years ago and the CT Scan showed a shadow which the dr suspected was a "concussion" however it turned out to be brain cancer after an MRI.

    I am aware that until a biopsy says it's cancer it likely not and likely just a lipoma which is a collection of fat cells etc and not anything to worry about.

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    I do believe when cancer is part of our lives, in your case, your husband, it heightens our anxiety when it comes to things that seem out of norm physically and mentally.

    Many years ago, I too had a lump on my forearm. It just appeared one day when the day before it was not. I waited a couple of weeks to see if it would resolve on its own. When it didnítí, I scheduled an appointment with my GP who upon feeling the lump, referred me to a General Surgeon. That was a week later. While I was extremely nervous, I kept myself busy. The day before the appointment with the Surgeon, I woke up and mysteriously the lump was gone. I cancelled the appointment and to this day, it remains a mystery of what it was other than most likely, a lipoma. I have had a few over the years but as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared.

    Regardless, follow through with your doctor and most likely, just lipomas and resolve on their own but do seek medical advice to know for sure.

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    Thanks so much I am seeing the dermotologust next week for further assessment .

    The lumps according to the ultrasound are:
    1.4 X1.3cm
    2x 1.5cm

    Hypoechoic subcutabeous lesions

    And you are right it's likely lipoma but I'm glad I got an appt fairly quickly!

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    And being referred for general surgeon

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    For a biopsy

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    Finally have an appt for surgeon consult - on May 29th obviously they aren't super concerned. Hopefully they can schedule a biopsy after that

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    Surgeon says 99.9% benign
    Won't operate
    If grows it changes and is bugging me to come back to consult
    Yeah !!!


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