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Thread: Hubby just diagnosed

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    Glad it worked out.
    The body is messed up for a while for sure. Even the mind from the anesthesia can be weird for a while but it sounds
    like everything is going pretty good.

    Take care
    DOB 5/1955
    Went for physical on 3/30/17 and had blood work done

    3/31/17 PSA 15.1 Refered to Urologist.
    4/5/17 DRE Negative
    4/7/17 PSA 14.1
    4/19/17 TRUS Negative
    5/1/17 Biopsy 12 cores
    RLB 3+4 30%
    RM 3+3 6%
    RLM 4+3 90%
    RLA 4+3 5%
    Left side negative
    5/26/17 Cat scan Negative
    6/7/17 Full body bone scan, Negative
    RALP scheduled 6/28/17

    Surgeon went wide on the right side spared nerves on left.
    Catheter removed 7/7/17 No incontinence but UTI being treated.

    Final pathology report 7/28/17
    Prostate 50g (this was 28-32 estimated before operation. Bad estimation I guess)
    Prostatic adenocarcinoma with mucinous differentiation (questionable to me this very rare usually misdiagnosed type)
    18 Lymph nodes removed. (Taking no chances aren't we.)
    Gleason score 4+3 involving both lobes limited to the prostate
    Percentage involved by tumor 5%
    EPE -, SVI -, LVI -, LN -, PNI+, Margins -
    Pathologic stage pT2 N0
    PSA 8/4/2017 <0.1
    PSA 10/27/2017 <0.1

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    Update...Cancer Treatment Centers are amazing. Doctors, nurses and especially Dr. Sadeghi. We are out of network with our insurance but they said they would accept what insurance pays. Well I was skeptical...but they are true to their word!

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    1st PSA came back undetectable!!! 2nd one in 3 months.

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    Hi Brake, Welcome to the High-Gleason Post-Op Wing of the Forum and congrats on the PSA Zero Award!
    69 yr at Dx, 20-yr Hx of BPH, 9 (!) negative biopsies, PCA3 -
    TURP 2014 (90→30 g) then PSA every 6 months, DRE yearly
    DRE 6-6-17 nodule R, PSA 7.2→8.6
    Biopsy #10 6-28-17, 2/14 cores: G10 (5+5) 3% RB, G9 (4+5) 50% RLM
    Bone scan & CAP CTs: negative
    Open RP 8-7-17, Duke Regional, NC by my Uro, did my '14 TURP, 8-20 RPs/month >25 yr
    SM LVI SVI EPE LNI (16): negative, PNI +, nerves spared
    pT2c pN0, b/l adenocarcinoma G9 (4+5) 5% of prostate (4.5x5x4 cm, 64 g)
    Slightest stress dribble; ED: OK with sildenafil
    Post-RP Decipher score (11-10-17): 0.37 = Genomic Low Risk
    (5-yr metastasis risk: 2.4%; 10-yr PCa-specific mortality: 3.3%)
    nPSA M..9-16-17 (5 weeks) n<0.1
    Started taking Pomi-T; 3-month checkups going forward; requested a change to uPSA
    uPSA M11-28-17 (16 weeks)n. 0.010

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    Quote Originally Posted by brake1957 View Post
    1st PSA came back undetectable!!! 2nd one in 3 months.
    Big Congrats & Welcome to "Club Zero!!!!" Hope is recovery remains smooth.



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