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Thread: Bob's Update (Scans, Searches, and Decisions)

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    Oh Bob. This breaks my heart but I also know you are making the right decision for you and for your family. I will continue to hold you in my prayers. xx Sheryl

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    I, like many others here, have read your posts and marveled at your persistence with facing the future, whatever that future held and, here you are, once again facing it head on. Thanks so much for sharing so much of you in your posts. I wish you the best as you move along with the hand you've been dealt. May your future be as blessed as all of us have been by you.

    peace be with you,


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    Dear Bob, I had recently the chance to interact with you in this forum. Your story, attitude and feedback to patients, caregivers are truly inspirational. I hope that these "open doors" appear soon for you. You are the textbook definition of a fighter and I am sure that with your precious wisdom, you will pick your battles.

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    Bob, I feel you in my heart when reading your post(s). Thank you for your service here. Be well today. <3

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    Bob, I've been reading this forum since early August 2016 when my dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. 9 months later he's recovering from a Whipple after neoadjuvant therapy with folfirinox.

    You posts, knowledge, caring and positive attitude have been a joy to read and extremely helpful. I wish you the best and hope that other avenues open up for you to explore.

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    Sorry to hear your results aren't great. Wishing you many more big catches.

    Julia x
    Husband diagnosed 4 March 2013
    Folfirinox started 18 April 2013
    Fatigue by far the worst side effect
    Result of scan 10 July 2013. Pancreatic tumour stable, small shrinkage to local nodes. However, mets to liver and bone. Folfirinox stopped.
    Start Gemcitibane 25 July
    Hospitalised 27 July, including a stay in CCU
    Misses sessions because feeling so ill
    12 August bi-lateral dvt diagnosed
    22 August second round of Gemcitabine - feels awful
    No more sessions attended
    My darling husband died on 12 October 2013
    Tribute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUgQ...ature=youtu.be

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    Bob, best wishes to you from my wife and I. With looked my wife, I totally understand your decision about Chemo. We hope you can find a trial soon.
    Dec 2016 - Wife stage IV Pan Can w/metastasis to liver @age 39, primary tumor 3.5CM, multiple liver Metastasis from 5CM.
    Jan 2017 - Started mFOLFIRINOX
    Mar 2017 - CA 19-9: 40,000 to 1,200, Tumor shrinkage on Liver 30%
    Mar 2017 - Stopped Chemo due to Parkinson symptoms causing by nausea medicine
    May 2017 - After 7 rounds of Chemo, back pain returned, CA 19-9 3,200
    May 2017 - Primary tumor shrinkage 50%, Liver cirrhosis.
    May 2017 - CA 19-9: 6,163. vomited blood due to Esophageal Varices, recovered after procedure
    June 2017 - Cancer progression, new nodes found on umbilicus. CA 19.9: 24,000
    June 2017 - Started Gemzar+Abraxane, SBRT for 5 Rounds, CA 19.9 16,000
    July 2017 - Not Responding to SBRT, Stent placed for Jaundice. Stomach swells due to ascites. CA 19.9: 21,000

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    Hi Bob,

    I am so saddened to read your update. I just "met" you on the forum yesterday and already you have been a great source of information and advice. I wish you the best and I thank you for your wisdom and help.

    Mom diagnosed with PanCan mets to liver 4/16/17
    Pan tumor 3.1x2.7 cm
    Liver tumors, too many to count. CA19-9 23,000
    One round of chemo. Gemzar/Abraxane 1st then Gemzar only.
    6/2/17. Chemo ineffective. CA19-9 now 45,000.
    6/5/17 Hospice
    6/10/17 Mom's struggle is over

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    How are you Bob? I've been reading your post since the diagnosis of my husband Sept 2014 and all your nice answers. Hope you'll find a trial. Best wishes from Belgium.

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    I stop by the forum every once in a while and always check on my old friends. It's been over 2 years since my sister died from PC. While on this journey, you and David were a lifeline. You guys do an amazing job, sharing hope, advise and helping navigate through this awful cancer.

    So sorry for your news, but you are strong in spirit and will make the right decisions. I also am not religious, but I'm sending strength your way and hope to still see you still posting next time I stop by the forum.
    8/29/14 Sister diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, pancreas body, 2B
    9/8/14 MD Anderson - Pancreatectomy w splenectomy
    12/23/14 Chemo round 2. Platelets 1.5 mil, White Cells 13,000
    1/14/2015 Diagnosed with Paraneoplastic Syndrome
    1/24/2015 Stopped all Chemo (Gem) due to potential kidney failure
    1/30/2015 Admitted to MDA with HUS and other life threatening issues caused by Gemcitabine
    2/20/15 She passed away peacefully from a brain hemmorage. I miss her so much.


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