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Thread: Seeking honest opinion

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    Seeking honest opinion

    My Uncle told me that he had Pancreatic Cancer and made me promise not to tell anyone as he didn't want "anyone to worry". I made him promise that he would tell people. During this time I was going through a psychotic event and had several problems of my own. In the end he decided to kill himself and I told my parents I knew about their brothers condition (whether he had cancer or not no one knows). My family has long been a benefactor of 'white lies' and it's hard to gauge how exactly they feel. However I caught my mother saying "F*** you" to my back and several other little things that make me feel guilty at my decision. Depressed, just wondering what other people thought. I mean I know there are only two answers: "He was secretly asking for help" or "You did your best". Just looking for feedback, I don't know.

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    It was your uncle's wish that people not be told of his cancer (assuming that he had it) -- thus it was your obligation to respect his wishes. You did the right thing.

    You also did the right thing in urging him to let people know about his condition.

    The fact that he decided to take his own life is HIS responsibility and certainly not yours. If he had the emotional capacity to end his life, it was something that had always been within him. There was no way that you could have prevented it, nor was there any way for you to suspect that he would do such a thing, especially when dealing with your own problems.

    Hopefully your mother will come to understand all of this in the future after she has processed all of this.

    So there is no reason for you to be depressed. Feeling sad, though, is a natural and understandable thing.

    But, as I see it, you did nothing wrong at all.

    Good luck!
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    This is a tough situation, Brian. May I ask, why do you think your uncle told you about his condition? Did he have any other nieces or nephews, or perhaps siblings?

    It's hard to say whether or not he took his own life because he didn't want to face cancer, or if there was other motivation. This is a very complex situation, and you allude to some deep-seated issues for yourself and your family. I don't think you did anything wrong--I think you were just trying to share, but perhaps a group counseling session with your immediate family might help.

    Best wishes.
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