Cancer, the Ultimate Test of Friendship

Being diagnosed with cancer
separates our friends from pretenders
cancer provides a litmus test
for those who we can trust
because our quest is to survive
and do all that we can to thrive

No cancer patient should be left to ask why
when a brother is now elusive as a fleeting dream
or why a spouse has now misplaced their loyalty
One slowly seeís a difference in our friends
and while we try to justify their actions
Itís not something we can honestly defend

When we return to our work environment
sometimes it feels as if were just a distraction
sensing our colleagues have misplaced their sentiment
we spend many days reflecting on what we did wrong
but we do not find anything that suggests we do not belong
as we reach out for a kinder and more gentler world

We remember the songs that we grew up with
and remember those favorite places with those greener pastures
and the acorns that attracted natureís playful squirrels

Some of us turn to reading and writing
others discover those special little things in life
we try and find a common bond
with others that we have come to be very fond
our connection grows from traveling many of the same rugged formations
knowing within our heavy heart
that each of us had our moments of lonely deliberations and quiet celebrations
as our lives have taken on an uncharted path with a uncertain start

Our soul hurts that those of us that we thought we could count upon
gradually slipped away from us eerily setting just below the sun
we have no answer when our friends appear in distant shadows
and find inside our very spirit an aching feeling that we were let down

We cancer survivors have not changed nor do we intend to
as we will always take the high ground as itís our creed
to be there for others because they are human beings too
including those whose friendship we missed in our time of greatest need

Lone Sir 5 R