Good afternoon all. This is my first post. Interesting and reassuring to note that other participants say they "lurk" around before posting. That's exactly what I've been doing. There is something about actually posting that makes me feel like I've accepted my husband's diagnosis of esophageal/stomach cancer - even though it has been 18 months now.

November 2016 he was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer, metastasized to liver and lymph nodes - inoperable and incurable. He began treatments of Herceptin and two other drugs immediately. Really nasty stuff but effective by shrinking tumors somewhat. After six months, neuropathy was becoming prevalent, so they switched to a second line of defense - weekly chemo treatments of Taxol and Cyramza. This kept tumors steady for a while, but in March 2017, they began to grow. Now, he is fortunate to be eligible for NCI-MATCH, a clinical trial that analyzes patientsí tumors to determine whether they contain gene abnormalities for which a targeted drug exists.
The drug he will take beginning tomorrow is palbocyclib, currently FDA approved for advanced stage breast cancer. We're pretty excited that there is yet a third line of defense and that it is in pill form, so no more weekly trips to the cancer center.

I would be happy to share details of our experience with the various treatments and symptoms thus far. Just let me know. Note, I said "our experience" because this is a team effort and I would take any of this upon myself if it would spare him.

In short, my message to all is - don't give up. We were devastated a year and a half ago. Today, although he is not cured, he manages his life well around treatments, bouts of fatigue and the neuropathy. I could say a ton about how he copes and remains positive as well as how he deals with his symptoms. Let me know if you're interested in more.