The first weekend in May my grandmother dragged my dad to the hospital with shortness of breath. ER thought he was having a heart attack. He spends a week or so in the hospital getting his blood pressure and heart rate under control. He was also having stomach issues, (discolored stool and vomit), so they look into it and he has stomach cancer. It is bad enough that they schedule surgery to remove it. Surgeon ends up removing his entire stomach because they couldn't remove the cancer and leave any of his stomach without the possiblility of it spreading. During the surgery they also removed 29 lymphnodes for testing. 19 of those 29 are positive for metastatic carcinoma. They originally said it was Stage 2 cancer. The hospital then refers him to another(low or no income) hospital. This hopital says he is Stage 3. Doctors are working on how they are going to do chemo and if he will need radiation.
All of this information I'm getting second hand and through reading some of his paperwork(with his permission of course). I've never dealt with cancer this close to me, so I don't know anything. I don't know what any of this means. My dad doesn't understand all of this either. I did tell him that he needs to make it clear to his doctors that he needs them to explain things without all the technical terms. That he needs to tell them he doesn't understand. Unfortunately, I'm not able to go to his appointments with him.
I have looked into the stages of Gastric andenocarcinoma Stage 3 is split into A,B and C. These say that the cancer will have spread to anywhere from 1-7 lymphnodes. I have found anything that says anything about anywhere near the number of lymphnodes my dad has that are positive for cancer.