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Thread: Mother's Procrastination Sky High - Unsure what to do

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    Mother's Procrastination Sky High - Unsure what to do

    As you know from past postings, my mother is a 68 year old three year patient of GBM. For the most part, her progress is still good and stable, considering
    other alternatives and stories we've heard. The NO also reminds us that we are fortunate overall although Mom has loss of mobility in the right arm and leg.
    Can barely use a walker and wheelchair is most helpful for her in longer distances.

    But her spirits and procrastination and depression have really take a toll on her. As her daughter and caregiver, I feel at a loss. Any advice?

    Mom does not want to leave her home and hates going into new environments where the bathroom may be an issue (due to her lack of mobility).
    Since January, I have been getting an apartment ready for her. It is truly ready - ramp outside, walk in bathtub, new toilet, etc. It would help with
    the scary aspect of stairs that she has in her current apartment, etc.

    But Mom refuses to pack or assist in anything. She tells me she just wants to have nice visits and talks with me and watch TV to relax. I am stumped
    since I don't want to be mean or forceful with her. Mom was always a procrastinator but this illness has really taken it to the extreme degree.

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    not sure what point you are right now dealing with your mom the transition to her new location but would it work when she comes for a "visit" to some how tell her "mom I cant' get you back home till tomorrow would you mind staying and take you tomorrow?" than, next time do it a couple days in a row. The challenge of taking care of our parent I always call it a pay back. our positions have switched, now we are the parent and they are the child, it's all physiologic. ugh It looks like she did well bringing you up, now you will do well on her journey.
    another idea is; not knowing if she rents, or still owns her home, is to pretend there is something wrong with plumbing or what ever.( not to drastic) just a small white lie.


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