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Thread: Ahhhh, it's chemo week again......

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    Ahhhh, it's chemo week again......

    So I gotta drive all of 4 miles to the infusion center, and get my three shots of azacitidine in the gut, which is a minor annoyance at best. This goes on until Friday, and apart from the itching at the injection sites, there's no downside at all.

    During the week I joke with the nurses about the pantywaist, candy-azz, useless, and generally laughable case of AML I have, and to REALLY rub it in I have my OFFICIAL, DEAD MAN WALKING CHEMO T-SHIRT ON!!


    On Monday and Wednesday, Annabelle and I go down to the peds ward in New Orleans, and every case of AML there gets to try and stare this down:

    The score is always the same Annabelle: EVERYBODY! AML : NOBODY!!

    Repeat the Annabelle thrashing for 3 MORE WEEKS, and then it's back to me again!!

    WOOP!! HOLD ON!!

    Just got an EM from my oncologist.....

    Hmmmmm.....My diagnosis just got changed.......
    Apparently I have TERMINALLY USELESS AML!!!

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