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Thread: Untreated stress - source of relapse?

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    Untreated stress - source of relapse?

    Hi! I've recently discovered the 'anticancer services' of Ukrainian psycho-oncologist Vladislav Matrenitsky M.D., Ph.D. He claims that cancer is psychosomatic illness which develops as a result of irresolvable psychic traumas, intrapersonal conflicts or other severe stresses turned into chronic state. This leads to emerging of a 'psychogenic oncodominant' in mind, discovered by scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
    I quote:

    "This dominant firmly holds the place of the purpose of life dominant, and forms deep deformations of the psychosomatic system.
    Thus, the “mental neoplasm”, the oncological dominant, entails a somatic neoplasm – cancer.
    The psychogenic oncodominant, according to Russian scientists, usually does not disappear during the traditional, somatically oriented treatment. When “familiar” psychotraumatic stimuli appear, which often happens when the patient returns to his/her old way of life, the oncodominant can be reactivated. This leads to a recurrence of tumor growth.
    Consequently, successful treatment of oncological diseases is impossible without the psychotherapeutic elimination of the oncodominant."

    Any ideas if it worth to try?

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    I'm sorry, but this site is for discussion of scientifically tested and proven treatments ONLY. This kind of babble nonsense is used mainly by people interested in treating excessive wallet stress in patients, which they reduce by removing currency.

    Please read our forum rules. Further posting or discussion of this kind of material will get you banned from the site.

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    2/13 - 8/13 Gemzar for 6 months
    Quarterly scans - no evidence of disease to 10/14 - spot on lung being watched - possible infection 2 months on antibiotics
    3/15 - spot larger - probable met - surgery planned
    4/15 - PET prior to surg - recurrence & lung mets - Surgery cancelled - EUS w/ FNA showed adenocarcinoma - Stage 4
    5/15 - 9/15 Folfirinox @ reduced dosage - Stopped treatment after 11 infusions due to neuropathy
    10/15 - 8/16 maintenance 5-fu every other week
    8/16 - stable disease on both CT and PET/CT - chemo holiday while other treatments explored
    9/16 - lung biopsy confirms pan can met,
    10/16 -NanoKnife to pancreatic bed -PET after Nano showed new met in hilar lymph nodes - SBRT to both lung & lymph
    4/17 - PET/CT showed significant disease progression, multiple lung mets, pancreatic bed tumor has grown
    5/17 - Started hospice care - striving for acceptance

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    Hi Bob

    With all my respect to your personal opinion, I've red many articles on psycho-oncology supporting psychosomatic theory of cancer, which based on scientific data. So it is not thats easy.


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    Please read our forum policy. Bob has offered our rules to you and further discussion of this theory is not allowed here.

    I am sure you will find other forums that may, but not here.

    Please respect our policy and refrain from posting further relating to this subject.


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    Sounds like pure hogwash. It matters not one bit what some alleged scientists claim to have discovered. It matters if their results are measurable, verifiable and repeatable - the scientific standard. If one of these three aspects is lacking, it is by definition non-scientific. Of course, a person is free to spend their money on anything, but the cancer world is rife with liars, cheats and thieves who are ready to exploit the desperation of cancer patients. We hear of survivors, but I have yet to meet one. Closing this thread, as the concept sounds nonsensical, and is intended as primary, rather than complementary therapy.


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