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Thread: My dad has skin cancer and no money. What do I do?

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    My dad has skin cancer and no money. What do I do?

    My dad was diagnosed with skin cancer a few years back but he had it for a long time, it took a different family member going to the ER for the doctors to basically force him to get the hole in his face checked out. Since then he has lost an eye, his car, and has to live in the most disgusting house I have ever stepped foot in with the most conflict driven people I have ever met. Being a early twenty something year old female who doesn't work due to a mental disorder I have no idea how to help him but seeing him in that situation is ripping my heart out and I don't know what to do. I want to give him money but I have a good $2.35 to my name. Just looking for a little advice and to vent a little bit. Any information helps. Also he is tech challenged so anything involving technology and him just is not going to work.

    Thanks in advanced for any feedback.

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    Dear Kace: My heart goes out to you in your current situation, but seeing as you have no money whatsoever, your own mental disorder to deal with, and a totally uncooperative father, I don't see that you have any options open to you. If you can stand the other inmates of this rotting crash pad, you can spend some time with him knowing in your own heart that these are his final days, and perhaps get some peace out of that. If you cannot do that, then I would advise that you simply adopt the attitude that he has slipped into a coma, even though the facts may not totally support that viewpoint, and seek some peace for YOURSELF. If your dad has chosen to go out the hard way in a disgusting hovel, then he is beyond your reach just as surely as if he were in a descending fugue coma, so just "let go" and save yourself. To repeat, it IS true that he is completely beyond your reach at this point, so try to find some peace for yourself in this situation. The man that you loved years ago is already dead and gone, and what's left is simply an empty husk, and you need to accept this fact to get free of this very toxic situation. I pray that you can find some peace in a relatively short time, and from the sound of it this can't go on very long at all.

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    I would suggest talking to a social worker at a hospital AND financial assistance at a hospital.
    His fight is over. How brave he was. 47 years of love.

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    The hospitals here have what's called a "Charity Fund" for those who need medical care but have little money. It's income based and you do have to fill out a form, but it takes care of expenses. Just ask the local hospital if they have a program like this to provide help for those with low income. Also, check with your local Social Services to see if he could get Medicaid, that would cover medical help as well.


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