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Thread: Immortality will come to such as are fit for it...

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    Immortality will come to such as are fit for it...

    While the above quote was most recently featured in the movie Blade Trinity, it was originally penned by Ralph Waldo Emerson, of all people. So Annabelle and I are sweeping the peds floor in the main Ochsner complex in New Orleans as usual, and we walk into a room with "repeat customers" in it who were glad as usual to see Annabelle. They told me that their daughter, the patient, was going to require continual care, and as such they had purchased a new van to carry whatever equipment that was going to be required to allow the family to travel around TOGETHER. Seeing as they had a family tradition of "naming" the vehicles they bought, they decided that this van would be named "Annabelle" after MY Annabelle. (!!!) As the implications of this sank into my somewhat boggled brain, I realized that this NEW van had a nearly 100% chance of outliving both me and ANNABELLE!! Even with my refractory AML having run off and hid in the bushes, the eventual end is not negotiable, and NOW there is a point in time AFTER my demise that I am inextricably linked to!! OMG!! (Literally!!) While I may exist for many more decades as a fading and dusty picture on a couple of mantel pieces, this is something completely different. After I gathered my wits back together, and started to turn to the door, I realized that there was a piece of unfinished business to be attended to: I turned back to the family and asked if they wanted to take a couple of pictures of Annabelle, and they replied: "Naaaahhhh - we got DOZENS of pictures of her already...."

    So I might as well add one more "for the road"...... It's demonstrable proof that angels get to walk around Heaven in their underwear...

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