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Thread: PO - Q for you TREC vs. ICE

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    PO - Q for you TREC vs. ICE

    Po, question for you. Did you say TREC could be used vs. ICE as bridge to transplant (effective with less toxicity) if Brentuximab didn't do it?
    Researcher, advocate, and caregiver to my son, age 24 at diagnosis
    July 2016 Diagnosis ALCL ALK-neg
    Sept 2016 E-CHOP x3; PET scan CR
    Nov 2016 Sixth and final round of E-CHOP completed - Continued to live alone and work two jobs through chemo!
    Dec 2016 PET scan CR
    March 2017 Experiencing symptoms; CT-PET scan shows relapse.
    April 2017 CD-30 confirmed w/ biopsy; Begin Brentuximab to reach CR for Auto transplant
    May 2017 Biopsy came back as Classical Hodgkin's - misdiagnosed initially
    June 2017 Only partial remission with Brent so on to ICE x 2 (worst yet)
    August 2017 Good response, but still PR, moving forward with ASCT. Outpatient at CBCI in Denver.
    October 2017 Clear scan after auto. Begin Brent for maintenance X3
    January 2018 PET-CT shows relapse. Begin Keytruda in Feb
    May 2018 CR after just one dose of Keytruda.
    Scan in August, 2018. ALL CLEAR

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    Dr. Ajay Gopal at SCCA was the lead investigator in the trial of TREC, and it was used mostly on B-Cell Lymphomas. Dr. Shustov used it in my case since it was much more tolerable than ICE, and was administered on an outpatient basis (and there was virtually nothing else to use). The lymphomas I had were not CD30+ and I suppose a perusing of the abstract might reveal its effectiveness against Hodgkin's as well as ALCL. I am being called away to other duties, but the abstract is certainly on the web.


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