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Thread: HMO and second opinion

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    HMO and second opinion

    I belong to an HMO and my surgery is scheduled for two weeks away. I wanted to change doctors, was told I could, but when I tried to get an appointment with someone new was told I could not change doctors since I had already started with one doctor. My HMO only pays for a second opinion by one of their doctors, but you can't get an appointment with one for months. I really wanted a second opinion by Cancer Treatment Centers of America because they had treated a family member, but CTCA said my HMO will not work with them so the only way to see them was to self-pay (I don't have that kind of money). I'm really just on here to vent - and to add some activity to this forum.

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    Sorry this is an issue. It it fairly common here in the States. You have to see someone in network.

    Since this is an ok international site and health system's greatly vary by country, is most likely the reason for inactivity on this financial side of the forum. Plus, insurance policies themselves .


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