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Thread: Never thought I would post in a Cancer Forum...

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    G’day Ian,

    In December 2012, I was told that the average life expectancy for Stage 4 Lung Cancer Patients was 8 months to a year. Bad news if you love life. Then there are those that get hit by a bus, struck by lightning, have a heart attach, or just keel over. THEY didn’t get any warning or time to prepare, or more days to enjoy.

    I recognized that NOBODY gets out of this life alive; me included. I became determined that I would LIVE every day that I had left, and I have. I highly recommend this approach. Make good memories for those you love along the way. Be kind to your caregiver(s), because they suffer right along with you and for you.

    Now comes the hard spots. All Chemo treatments come with some side effects. Be ready! The degree of side effect difficulty depends on the type of chemo, your overall health, and your attitude. Learn to laugh at your weakness. Buy lots of ice cream. Discuss the trade-off between “more time” and quality of life with your medical team.

    Regardless of your diagnosis, AT YOUR AGE you should already have an estate plan in mind. Don’t put this off. You OWE it to your survivors to have a “plan” in place. (Lawyers just love people that don’t plan for the inevitable!)

    Please keep posting here. We are all in your court.

    Regards, zim

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    Hello Ian,
    Sorry you find yourself here, but your with a great group of supportive people. I agree with the member Zim, take his advice wisely.
    I am a caretaker, my bf was diagnosed last year age 49 stage 3b non small cell squamous carcinoma. We never thought we would be here either. Life as you knew it takes a back seat.
    Its been a rough year for my bf, but he's still putting up the good fight . You can read our thread and journey this past year. be happy you stumbled upon
    this very caring group of complete strangers. It does help being able to talk to people that can relate, whether its care giver or patient, were all in this together.
    Your going to have your good days and bad. Embrace the good days to help you get through the days that may not be so pleasant. Welcome to the forum!


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