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Thread: HER2+ People Please

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    HER2+ People Please

    i was diagnosed with HER2+ cancer on December 5, 2016, i started treatment end of January starting with 8 sessions of chemo every 2 weeks.
    I was told i needed surgery to remove the left breast as the cancer was 21 cm and everywhere as well as I needed to have a biopsy of the lymph nodes. I had the surgery June 20, 2017, 3 lymph nodes were also removed. No lymphedema.
    Now they are RECOMMENDING 16 sessions of radiation but it isn't necessary. I am terrified of the risk of getting lymphedema, which they said is a 15% risk.
    i've already gone through so much and don't want this to happen. I was also told i need to wait a while for reconstruction which also stresses me out.
    i had an MRI done before the surgery and no cancer was found, after surgery the biopsies were also all clear.
    I would like to hear from other people with HER2+ cancer and what they have experienced and the choices they made. I would like to know what the risks of not doing radiation might be. I am really unsure what to do.

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    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear of your concerns regarding radiation treatment.

    While i can not provide insight into this type of cancer, i can possibly offer a suggestion.

    Unfortunately, our Breast Cancer forum here is not a very active one most likely since there are so many forums dedicated to Breast Cancer specifically. My suggestion, contact your medical facility and see if they offer any kind of dupport groups. Perhaps if they do, you may find other individuals that have the same questions who may be able to offer advice.

    I hope you can find answers to your questions, it just might take a little digging to find.



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