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Thread: Ovarian and bladder cancer?

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    Ovarian and bladder cancer?

    I have recently been diagnosed with a complex ovarian cyst. This has been due to me going to the doctor for expremely irregular periods that were lighter and included spotting and then no period now for 2 months and then ovarian pain and bloating. The doctor insists that it is benign and is monitoring the 3 cm cyst. both appointmets in the last week have also detected blood in my urine not seen with the naked eye) which my doctor described as a "lot" and even suspected a kidney stone initially before the cyst was discovered. I got labs drawn at my gyn visit that day and i viewed the lab results and saw that there was no UTI found. My fear right now is what could be causing the blood in urine at same time i am having the cyst since my appt several months ago i didnt have any urine in my sample but now i do. I know some might say this is far fetched but from my research it seems that ovarian cancer can spread fairly easily to the bladder. Is this a possibility? Could a 3 cm cyst spread to the bladder? Would the doctor have seen tbis on be transvaginal ultrasound if they were only looking my ovaries for a possible cyst which they did find?

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    Blood in the urine sounds pretty scary but personally I've had it off and on for 35 years. I have had much medical meddling followed by " eh, no idea what's causing it, carry on."

    Get it checked out but don't worry too much. As for ovarian cysts, they are extremely common.

    Edited to add: If you take naproxen (Alleve is one over-the-counter brand name in the US) that can cause blood in the urine.

    Also, it sounds like you've been consulting Dr. Google. He's not a doctor, he's a mortician.

    Among other things, Google tends to take people to WebMD, a site about which comedian Trevor Noah says the motto should be "it's probably cancer".

    (The same topics covered at WebMD are also covered on the Mayo Clinic website with more info, less drama and fewer ads. Here's what they say about hematuria:

    http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-c...s/con-20032338 )
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    Hi Natrams

    Welcome and hope you find some comfort here. I had been dealing with a complex ovarian cyst for the last couple of years. It was 13 cm by the time they removed it. I don't recall being told about any blood in my urine, but they did say that there were higher salt levels which I thought was odd as I follow a low salt diet. I had several transvaginal ultrasounds but they did not see any growths other than the cyst.

    It is possible that the cyst will go away on its own if you are still pre-menopausal. Monitoring it is important to determine when and if you need to take the next step.

    How often are you seeing a doctor and what kind of tests have you had so far?


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