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Thread: Helping a friend - [Diet question]

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    Helping a friend - [Diet question]

    Sorry for another thread about diet. I did a search before posting (colon, cancer, diet), and found a lot of information which I hold more valuable than someone who's never been through cancer. My friends mother is stage 4 colon cancer, she's had a portion of her colon removed and is going through chemo. My friend is doing all she can for her mother (going to the dr with her, making her comfortable at home.. etc) and she's trying to find foods that "combat cancer". She's been watching documentaries, reading articles on the net, having me "research" things online, buying stuff when I go to America (foods).

    We are in Japan and there really isn't anything in the way of a dietitian. Everything here is literally behind a paywall in terms of getting info.

    What I have gathered, quoting a member here, for the best diet:

    1. What I want to eat.
    2. What I can tolerate eating.
    3. What I need to eat.

    Which I totally get behind, and makes sense given the nature of this disease. Everyone is different.

    After going through these forums for the past couple of days, it really seems she is putting her mother in danger by searching these diets online and perhaps preventing her mom from maintaining her weight as best as possible. I understand her fear of loosing her mom is driving her... Ignoring what kind of diet (vegan, super vegan, omni-vegan, carna-vegan) my friend is researching as that "magic bullet", is there seriously anything that needs to be avoided? Spicy foods (Indian, Thai)? Flour (white)?

    Is there any non-quackery cooking websites or cook books I can buy (cooking/preping food, altering the tastes, combating nausea)?

    Thank you for your time.

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    Check this link out:

    Dr. Miletello was my wife's Oncologist when she was fighting Breast cancer and he recommended this book to me back then. I used it while cooking/caring for her during chemo and after her mastectomy. It really gave a lot of clarity for me to see what was needed. My wife was 110 lbs when diagnosed and she did not lose any weight throughout her ordeal. In fact she started gaining some weight toward the end of her treatments.

    When I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer 1 year and 4 months ago, I used this cookbook and the tips that are included but for me the best advice was to eat what I could tolerate and when I felt good between treatments to eat as much as I could (calorie wise) to help make up lost ground.

    With that said, I still lost from about 220 lbs down to 172 from a combination of chemo, radiation, and surgery. I am still on "clean up" chemo but I am slowly putting some weight back on and my last treatment I was up to 185. Doc also prescribed Marinol for me to aid with appetite and to help combat nausea. For me it really helped for those things and helped somewhat to ease pain and anxiety.
    hope this link helps,
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    5/30/16 met with liver surgeon he pronounced that I may be potentially resectable Yay!!!
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