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Thread: Dad's CT Scan Says "Suspicious of Pancreatic Cancer"

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    Hello Gina:

    I fully understand how difficult this is for you and sorry you already had to feel the loss of your Mom. You are doing all you can and just being there for your Dad is truly a gift.

    I am hoping that once a definitive diagnosis is made, things are not as bleak as they seem at the moment for your Dad. Stay strong. You are doing an incredible job.


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    Thank you, Lisa. We found out yesterday that it is esophageal cancer that has metastasized to the pancreas and outside the colon. He is going to try chemo. Even with chemo, she feels like he only has a few to several months. Although we knew the prognosis wouldn't be good, it's difficult to take. I will move to the esophageal cancer forum.

    Thanks again,


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    Oh Gina, i am sorry to hear this news.

    I will go ahead and move this thread for you.

    Will keep you and your Dad in my thoughts and prayers.


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    Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Daddy went on hospice 10/2 and passed away at home on 10/11 with my aunt and me by his side. He suffered so much the last few weeks. My heart is broken, but I'm thankful he's no longer suffering and is with my mom.



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